My Dream Christmas List...

    What do you want for Christmas this year? Heres my list...hope you like...
    A tartan coat like this one from Lulu's

    A military cape like this one from asos
    A fur snood like this one from Asos. (And I am obsessed with cardigan/jumper the models wearing but I can't find it anywhere in asos, if anyone has a link you will be my bestfriend forever! ;)

    Some camel cord shorts like these ones from

    A baggy military shirt like this khaki one from

    A second hand bernina sewing machine? PLEASE! :)
    Some Henry Holland tights, the wackier the better!

    Twilight on audiobook ;)
    And loads of chocolate

    Marc Jacob's Watch (I won't get this but i can dream can't i? ;)

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