Willow Smith- Fashion Icon?

    I have to admit that Willow Smith has guts and an AMAZING voice at that. She has every girls dream to be a popstar and again I have to admit the song "whip my hair" is majorly catchy. I'm glad that the song is fun and edgy without the lyrics being too mature as the reason people don't like Justin Bieber was because he sang about love at 15?

     Willow doesnt need her Dad to give her fame, her wacky but very cool sense of style and mature voice will get her there. Do you like her style or is it a bit too far fetched? Remember she is only nine and her face is all over the press. I'm worried whether she'll be able to stand all the press remarks- look what happened to Justin Bieber.I just hope that her family will keep her grounded and her singing career will continue to excel. Oh and I WANT her hair. Hope you like ;)...

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