Top Ten Relationship Tips

    Top Ten Relationship Tips
    Top Ten Relationship Tips
    Relationships can be tricky. They require a deep level of commitment, a lot of patience, a lot of time, and more compromise than we think. We see a lot of relationships fail; some seem doomed from the start, some seem perfect and then all of a sudden fall apart. Relationships also have to start right, be sustained, and last, which means you can never rest easy and stop making an effort. Relationships are almost like day jobs. And since each relationship is different, there are no secret recipes that make lasting relationships.
    4. Acceptance is a must.
    You have to accept the person you're with. Some bad habits do need changing, but don't try to change who the person is. If you try to change all the bad things, you might end up with a different person and lose all the good things too.
    5. Appearances are unnecessary.
    If you are looking for a serious relationship, say goodbye to appearances. Don't put up appearances at any point. A lot of people do this during the first few months of the relationship. Then when things start to get comfortable, the appearances drop, and the disappointment and resentment sets in.
    6. Listening is the solution.
    Here's a common problem in relationships: she talks too much, he doesn't listen. The solution here is to listen, as closely as you can. Listening closely will lessen all her reasons to nag repeatedly. If you get what she said the first time, she wouldn't have to repeat it. That goes both ways too.
    There are, however, some tips that wouldn't hurt and can actually help raise the chances of your relationship surviving the odds.
    1. Communication is key.
    This is the golden rule in relationships. You don't have to be in touch in your every waking hour, but do take time each evening to talk about your day. Never be afraid of saying what's exactly on your mind; if you can't tell your partner those intimate and honest truths, who else can you tell?
    2. Friendship is important.
    Romance will always have its downtimes. We can't all be romantic and charming 24/7 after all. In a lot of cases, it's these romance downtimes that start to disappoint people. It's when the prince charming or the mysterious romantic girl falls from the pedestal. It always helps if you've got friendship underneath the romance that can sustain the relationship during these hard times.
    3. Laughing is love.
    Laughing together is always a bonding moment, no matter how vague the reason is, no matter how fleeting that moment was. Partners should be able to make each other laugh, even in the dullest of circumstances.
    7. Individuality should be maintained.
    In today's world where men and women's places in society are becoming equal, it is important for two partners to maintain their sense of individuality separate from the relationship. Both partners should hold a high regard for themselves as individuals. If you are satisfied with yourself, your rate of satisfaction in terms of other people and other situations also increases.
    8. Mutuality should be in attendance.
    Despite keeping individual lives, partners should also be able to switch to "mutual" mode easily. This mutual mode is definitely necessary to nurture the connection that couples find in each other the first time they meet.
    9. Money is the root of all evil.
    Once you start talking about money, you can expect a lot of arguments to rise up. Dealing with finances individually is a form of maintaining individuality, and it is necessary especially when you are not on the way to the aisle. Sooner or later, the money talk will come up, but don't push it. And when it does come up, draw a middle line. Discuss large purchases and investments, but don't control each other's spending.
    10. Vision is the way to success.
    If you think that a relationship is not going anywhere, it really won't. Always have goals in the relationship, so you're both motivated to get to that point where you'll share a mutual happiness that you've both always wanted. A relationship with no vision will most likely become a relationship with no future.
    Top Ten Relationship Tips

    Top Ten Relationship Tips

    Top Ten Relationship Tips 
    Top Ten Relationship Tips
    Top Ten Relationship Tips
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