Spring Wedding Colors 2011

    Spring Wedding Colors 2011 

    Spring Wedding Colors 2011

     What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you think of spring? Perhaps the bloom of fresh flowers, the scent of greenery and a pop of a fresh, bright color! What are these colors that come into your mind? Nothing changes with spring; yet you don't get sick of it or the brightness and color that it brings with it every year. This is why a lot of couples choose to have a romantic spring wedding and wait for it to finally tie the knot. Apart from all the spring wedding ideas that you may be considering, also keep in mind that a spring wedding should look like one, which is why you need to know what the spring wedding colors 2011 are. As mentioned earlier, nothing changes every spring, but each year, different colors are brought to the fore and are made popular, more than others during this wonderful season. Here's a look into the colors that are most popular this year.
    Spring Wedding Colors and Themes 2011

    During spring, it is the soft colors that usually find their place amid the beauty of nature. As such, pastel shades are always in tune with the spring colors. While this is what the conventional thought process is, let's clear a few things. Spring is not only soft, it is also vibrant. As such, while choosing any spring wedding colors or themes, always remember to add that pop of a third bright color. Be it in the bridesmaids' dresses, your shoes, the cake, the spring wedding flowers or the invitations, these colors will find their place anywhere. Here are a few very popular 2011 spring wedding colors and themes.

    The Blue Spring Wedding
    Blue is a fresh color, and this spring, it is the navy blue color from the blue family that is ruling the roost. A soft, sky blue combined with the deep navy blue, and a pop of lime green is the perfect way to go for your spring wedding this year. This color scheme is perfect both for an outdoor as well as an indoor spring wedding, bringing in with it the splendor of spring.

    The Colorful Spring Wedding
    Three bright colors come together to make the most colorful spring wedding a reality. Lemon yellow, bright orange, and a deep rose pink are simply perfect this spring particularly if you are someone who loves everything that is bright and colorful. Absolutely dreamlike for an outdoor spring wedding, combined with the greenery of nature, these spring wedding colors 2011 are sure to create wonderful memories!

    The Golden & Aqua Spring Wedding
    Perhaps a little unconventional for your taste but definitely a spring wedding theme worth considering is the golden and aqua combination with a dash of a deeper sea green. With your cake, dress, shoes, flowers, and every other possible combination, this theme is simply perfect for that dream evening indoor spring wedding. Think about it...

    The Traditionally Pink Spring Wedding
    Pink is a spring wedding color that will never go out of style, no matter what the year. Varied shades of pink combined with a deep wine color for the right amount of contrast mixes subtlety and boldness beautifully. A completely monochromatic spring wedding theme 2011, this one is evergreen and is bound to be loved by everyone for its sheer simplicity.

    The Red and Olive Spring Wedding
    Yes, neither is red ever going out of style when it comes to spring weddings. While deep greens can be left for the fall, these spring wedding colors and themes bring with them the refreshing olive green, combined with a dash of mauve. Again, it may seem slightly unconventional, but the sheer contrast created by this color scheme will definitely leave all your guests mesmerized. Try it outdoors or indoors, this color scheme is no slave to any setting it is used in!

    In essence, there is no limit to the number of colors you can use in a spring wedding. You just want it to look classy and vibrant at the same time, but not just a mere palette of colors. Feel free to mix and match any of the spring wedding colors 2011 mentioned above, and also don't forget to add in what you consider spring colors. Soft shades, vibrant colors, deep jewel tones, of the aforementioned colors can look simply gorgeous in a spring wedding. Inspire from these themes and have your dream spring wedding.
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