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    Why do people wear diamond watch? Of course teens want to emulate their personalities, and as a result, bling jewelry, including diamond watches, was a major fashion statement. The reason is that an increasing number of designer watches are now on the market with different brands under the distinctive styles that have classic diamond watches modern twist.

    There are diamond watches, and then there are diamond watches like this. Graff metaphorically knocks on the door of luxury with a resounding "bling bling!" arrival announcement. You simply don't get too much more "diamond watch" than this timepiece figuratively held hostage by the precious stones. The case and bracelet (what little of it is actually metal!) is done in 18k white gold while a dizzying collection of 176 diamonds on the case and another 94 diamonds on the bracelet that crowd the design of the watch like a bunch of too many densely packed wealthy neighbors. The entire watch has 59 carats of pure glitzy glory. Likewise the timepiece is known as the Superstar, or GraffSuperstar. Whatever the title, this watch is is certainly a statement about the woman wearing it. However that statement might be "I enjoy rubies and emeralds in my breakfast cereal." Sorry gentlemen, we will have to settle for a less diamond studded version. Stones on the Superstar watch are in trilliant and trapeze cuts that gives a very modern and angular shape that is also quite cohesive. Round cut stones make for good decor, but these more angular cuts allow for a more tiled look that enhances the "total diamond watch" style that Graff is going for. My instincts tell me that the movement inside the watch is Swiss quartz. The dial of the watch is no testament to legibility, but should be readable - a nice trapeze cut emerald is the only non-diamond stone of the bunch and serves as the 12 o'clock marker. Not the type of watch you want to wear publicly in certain parts of the world, cost to likely be tantamount to purchase of said parts of the world.

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