Masquerade Dresses 2011

    Masquerade Dresses 2011 

    Masquerade Dresses 2011


    The days of yore, a time when women wore long gowns, paraded in the most gorgeous of clothes, and lived lives enthralled by the adventures of knights and princes. Today, wearing gowns is more or less the prerogative of women who live and work in Hollywood. For mere mortals like you and me, gowns and long dresses stay reserved for the one-off gala that we are invited to, or our wedding day, or a masquerade party. Most women and girls look forward to dressing up like a princess on the day of a masquerade party. Not only does it make them look gorgeous but there are very few dresses that enable you to feel as feminine as outfits worn to such an event.

    Masquerade dresses are available in a variety of styles and designs and the style that you choose depends on what your aesthetic sense is and what theme seems attractive to you. It is possible for you to stick to more contemporary styles of masquerade dresses or choose something that is more in line with traditional dresses. In this article on masquerade dresses, we tell you what the most fashionable options for masquerade dresses 2011 are.

    Styles of Masquerade Dresses

    What are masquerade parties? Well, sometime in the fifteenth century in Italy, people started organizing parties, wherein guests were asked to wear formal dress costumes with masks. Sometime in the early 1990s these parties came back into vogue and people started hosting masquerade themed parties, and guests were asked to dress in costumes that would take them back to the era in which these parties were first made popular. Today masquerade parties are very popular as themes for proms or even sweet sixteen parties. Many women often choose to rent dresses for these parties or convert the prom dress that they have into a masquerade dress by teaming it up with a mask and great accessories. Here we give you some basic ideas that you can use to create an authentic look for your masquerade party.
    Medieval Themed Dresses
    One of the best themes that any woman can opt for is a medieval themed dress or a dress that takes you back to the times of the Renaissance. It is easy to find a dress that mimics the look of the era at a local costume shop. Opt for clothes that the queens or princesses of the era would have worn. The accessories that you can use for a more authentic touch include a golden crown or a tiara, and gold mask.
    Victorian Themed Dresses
    Masquerade parties in the Victorian era was such that there was a lot of allegorical and symbolical meanings attached to the clothing that women wore. If you wore a pink dress with a crown of pink roses, then you would be considered a depiction of the Rose Garden. A completely black outfit with a black hat or even a veil would be symbolic of night. Try to depict these allegorical imagery in your clothing if this theme catches your attention. Match the color and design of your mask to the theme of your costume.
     Dresses from the 18th Century
    Another era to depict in your clothing would be the eighteenth century. You can choose to wear ornate, full, jewel toned clothing that was extremely popular in the period. You can buy a prom dress or even a bridesmaid dress and add many different layers to the skirt by wearing petticoats or adding layers of crinoline. Combine the dress with a mask that is extremely ornate in nature, embellished with jewels or feathers. These masks are available at most costume shops
    These are just some of the more popular styles for masquerade dresses 2011. There are other darker themes like Gothic costumes mimicking the look in Phantom of the Opera, or clothes designed according to color combinations or even specified themes. The thrill of masquerade parties lies in the fancy, intriguing costumes that people don. Choose one of the options for dresses given in this article and dance the night away as the belle of the ball

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