Fluffy Leg Warmers

    Fluffy Leg Warmers
    Fluffy Leg Warmers

    Fluffy Leg Warmers
      f you want your fluffy leg warmers to look a certain way and you are unable to find such, you can make your own fluffies, at home itself. Here are some easy tips on how to make your own fluffy leg warmers at home.

    Step 1
    Start with measuring your legs, both length-wise as well as width-wise. Width-wise, measure from the point where your legs are the widest. Length wise, measure the height that you want - whether you want below the knee ones or the ones which go up to the thighs. Remember to add a few inches more to the length, say about five inches, to leave room for the creases, elastic band as well as the seam.

    Step 2
    Take the fluffy fabric of your choice and cut out two rectangles, according to the width and length measurements taken in step 1. You can opt for fabrics such as short fake fur and fleece.

    Step 3
    Place the two rectangles over one another and sew length-wise, only one of the sides. Remember the front side of the fabric should be on the inside when you are sewing, so that no threads are visible from the outside when you wear the fluffies.

    Step 4
    Open up the two rectangles. Keep an elastic, about half an inch in width, near the top end of the fabric. Fold enough fabric over it so as to cover it completely. The length of the elastic should be about two inches shorter than the width of the two combined rectangles. Next, sew the elastic and the folded cloth together.

    Step 5
    In the end, sew the other length side of the fluffy leg warmer. Turn it over to reveal the right side of the fabric from the outside. Repeat all the above steps to make the second leg warmer and your trendy piece of winter clothing is ready.

    As can be seen, you can easily make or buy fluffy leg warmers of your choice. When worn with a mini shirt and a puffy-sleeved feminine blouse, they make a woman look very cute and naughty! If worn with a one piece mini dress and a pair of boots, they can make a woman look glamorous and fun! The elastic band at the top can be tucked in or revealed to change the entire look! If worn with fluffy wrist cuffs, shorts and fishnet stockings, they make for a wild rave party wear! There are a number of creative things you can do with this piece of fashion clothing. They will always make you look hot and sexy, provided you do not wear them on the streets during daytime!
    Winter clothing can be made a lot of fun, by simply including warm, soft and luxurious fur in it. If you thought that out of all women's clothing, it was only coats that had fur on them, then probably you have not seen fluffies - the latest fashion trend that has caught up with youngsters! Fluffies, also known as fluffy leg warmers, are made of faux fur. They are worn in the lower legs, over boots, to keep the legs warm as well as to look hip and trendy at parties!

    Fluffy Leg Warmers

    For all women who enjoy the nightlife and those who like to dress up in a shocking, unusual and unique way, fluffy leg warmers are a must have fashion accessory this winter season! They can be worn to a club or a rave party and gel exceptionally well with Gothic-wear, Halloween-wear, cyberwear, emo and punk styles of dressing. You may read more on what to wear to a club.

    Fluffy Leg Warmers : Patterns and Styles

    If you go around shopping for fluffies, you will find these funky leg warmers in two sizes. One, which end below the knee and the other, which go right up to the thigh, ending in its middle or wee bit lower. As for the colors, think of some of the most striking, bright colors you have seen in your life, and you will find a fluffy leg warmer in that! Fuchsia, fluorescent green, purple, turquoise, neon blue, yellow, orange, red, black, lime green, gray and white, are some of the choices that you have!

    Fluffy leg warmers come with an elastic band on top, which keeps them from falling down and holds them in place. As for the patterns, there is a huge variety, starting from the plain ones to the two-tone, triple-tone and the multi-colored ones! Stripes are perhaps the most commonest pattern. You will find fluffies in two, three, five or even more horizontal as well as vertical stripes. Then there are high fashion fluffies which come with special features such as those with sequins or a metal strip on the top elastic band, which shines in the dark. If you prefer something cute, there are fluffy leg warmers with ribbons and bows! For women who like to bring forth their wild side at a party, there are fluffies with animal prints!
    Fluffy Leg Warmers 
    Fluffy Leg Warmers
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