Mugler Womens FALL/WINTER 2011 Show

    The Mugler F/W show has only just finished as I'm typing this article. The show wasn't anything amazing in itself, because the set was rather boring in my opinion. The set was almost church-esque with huge wooden columns rising from the floor like that you would see in a church. Lady Gaga was yet again present at the Mugler show, seen as she has a close friendship with director of the show; Nicola Formichetti. The clothes themselves were stunning. Mugler really tried to cover every possible trend in my opinion. Traditionally, what I've seen, is that the designers tend to build their collection/s around a certain colour or a certain theme but this was more vague and had splashes of colour here and there.

    The show started out with tailored black pieces, sheer tops with darker tailored bra's and trousers. The show then progressed into lighter colours, such as the infamous beige and even some vibrant blue pieces. There was one particular piece that really caught my attention. The piece was a beige/cream colour and fitted the nude trend rather well. It had oversized ruffles on the shoulders as the main detail, and was rather fitted in its style. Most of the other pieces were also like this in the sense that they each had a main point of focus about them.

    The tailoring of the pieces was key, with what looked like PVC being sculpted on the shoulders into incredible shapes; sculpting the body almost like a condom! Rick Genest, the Mugler 'monkey' as I like to call him; was also on the catwalk. His skull-like tattoo's always get my attention, they're rather interesting (some may like to think otherwise). Another cream coloured piece I noticed was largely flat on the top, and then the skirt of the piece had an almost 'turned up ruffle' at the top of the skirt where the waist band would be.

    Lady Gaga wasn't just there to debut another song of hers, oh no; she was there to model the clothing too. Before the show started, Gaga was asking Formichetti how she would walk. She sounded so excited to be modelling. Really surreal to see a pop star surrounded by friends and acting rather normal. She stepped onto the catwalk, but not from the entrance the models were using. She just had to be different! She wore a sheer black piece, with matching hat and long straight blonde pony tails. With a cigarette smoking, Gaga strutted her stuff down the catwalk while the other models around her did the same. And Gaga in my opinion didn't manage to upstage them either.

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