Tattoos for Girls on Hip

    Tattoos for Girls on Hip
    Tattoos for Girls on Hip
    If you are hell bent towards getting a tattoo on your hip, then I'm sure you can bear with the pain. Hip tattoos are sensational and look fabulous on those who can truly carry it. It extends from the hip bone and its surrounding areas that include lower portion of the waist and outer abdominal region. At the same time you need to put on outfits that will reveal the tattoo completely. The female folk of the present generation flaunt hip tattoos with much subtlety and it has evolved as one of the sexiest and stunning tattoo forms. Here are some of the best designs of tattoos for girls on hip.

    The generic tattoo designs could also be engraved on hips. If you are passionate about getting a huge tattoo on your hip, then it will extend to the outer portion of your abdomen. Small and cute tattoos for girls on hip mainly include trendy designs like stars, flowers and butterflies. No matter which designs you are wearing, your tattoo will reflect your attitude and character. Therefore, check out the symbolism associated with the tattoo you are going to get inked on your hip.

    Flower Tattoos
    If you are looking for small tattoos for girls on hip bone, then flower tattoo is a good choice. Flower tattoos captured the hearts of young girls ever since the wave of tattoos spread. The floral art work no longer consists of a single flower or a bud. The designs range from a cluster of flowers to scattered petals around the hip zone. The flowers are highlighted with bright colors to portray the bright side of your character. Try to get the tattoo just beneath your waistline so that it's visible clearly.
    Celestial Tattoos
    By celestial tattoos, I'm referring to star tattoos for girls on hip. A galaxy of stars engraved, along with the planets define the celestial theme of a tattoo. If you have decided to get stars on your hip then enamor a necklace of stars around your hip bone. This look simple yet stunning. Celestial tattoo designs are diverse and you can add any heavenly bodies to make your hip look eye catching. I'm sure you have liked this hip tattoo idea having a celestial note.

    Zodiac Tattoos
    You can check out the zodiac hip tattoos for girls from tattoo houses or parlors and pick up the right design for yourself. Astrological tattoos are specific for each individual. However, zodiac signs of a person vary according to religions. It's absolutely your choice to select the one in which you believe the most. If you flaunt a zodiac tattoo then people can easily make out your character (just a guess!).

    Animal Tattoos
    Animal tattoos portray the savage beauty within you. Animal tattoos were once confined to the male folk but today girls are also loving it. People who are followers of goth and darker aspects of life, love to wear such kind of tattoos. It can be a tiger, snake, lizard or a unicorn. Scorpion and spider tattoos are quite common so you can experiment with some strange and weird animals or reptiles. The open mouth alligator is good example of animal tattoo.
    Tattoo Letters
    Getting your body inscribed with quotes, proverbs, idioms and catchy words is considered to be one of the coolest hip tattoo designs. You can customize this yourself by selecting the font name and the font size for the tattoo. Pick up the word that you like the most or a quote that you prefer to hear the most. You can get tattoo lettering on the back portion of your hip just where the spine is about to end. This way it will be clearly visible when you wear low waist jeans.

    Tribal Tattoos
    The revival of tribal art form has occupied a prominent position in the heart of women. Tribal tattoos on hip are connected with symbolism. Image of weapons, tribal Gods and other elements of nature like sun, air, fire are engraved on body. You can enamor your entire lower body with a huge tribal tattoo
    Tattoos for Girls on Hip

    Tattoos for Girls on Hip

    Tattoos for Girls on Hip 
    Tattoos for Girls on Hip
    Tattoos for Girls on Hip
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