Hot Yoga Clothes

    Hot Yoga Clothes
    Hot Yoga Clothes

    Hot Yoga Clothes
    There are different forms of exercises, which are practiced all over the world. One of the type of exercise is yoga. Yoga is a traditional physical as well as mental discipline, which has originated in India. Patanjali is said to be the founder of formal yoga philosophy. From the time of Patanjali, many different types of yoga have come into existence. One such form of yoga is hot yoga. A number of people are taking to this form of yoga. People are confused about what is the right type of clothes to be worn for a hot yoga session. When one is going for hot yoga, it is important that you opt for hot yoga clothes, which are comfortable. If the clothes are not comfortable, you will not be able to enjoy your classes, as much as you would want to. We will read on what is hot yoga, before we read on hot yoga clothes.
    What is Hot Yoga?

    The founder of the hot yoga is Bikram Choudhary. Hence, hot yoga is commonly also known asBikram yoga. It was in the early 1970’s that this school of yoga became very popular. One can differentiate this school of yoga from the other schools of yoga in that it is practiced in a room, where the temperatures are as high as 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 40% humidity is also maintained in the hall where yoga is practiced. The high temperature and humidity leads to profuse sweating and warms the body as well. It is from this fact, that this school of yoga is also referred to as hot yoga. The yoga poses are practiced for 90 minutes in every session of hot yoga. There are a total 26 yoga exercises or poses, which are practiced in this form of yoga. There are two breathing exercises, which are also a part of the practice
    The most prominent of all benefits of hot yoga is weight loss. Therefore, Bikram yoga and weight lossare always spoken about. This brings us to the number of calories burned in hot yoga. The exact number of calories burned depends on a number of factors, which influence the count. Other than weight loss, there are a number of benefits of Bikram yoga. It helps in making the body supple and helps in improving metabolism. Since this form of yoga is practiced in real hot temperature, comes the question what to wear to hot yoga. Let’s find out the answer in the coming paragraphs.
    The yoga pants are an important part of hot yoga clothes for women and men. The pants should be made from lightweight stretchable material. The stretchable material moves with the body with which practicing different poses is an easy task. It is best to stick to cotton fabrics as opposed to synthetic fabrics, as they absorb sweat and let the skin breathe well. You will also want to ensure that there is a wide elastic waistband. In case your weight fluctuates, the drawstrings will ensure that the yoga pants have a comfortable fit. You may also choose to wear yoga shorts or capris for hot yoga sessions as well. As a matter of fact, many men choose to wear only shorts for hot yoga sessions. Women are often seen wearing yoga pants or capris in the hot yoga classes.
    After the hot yoga pants are the hot yoga shirts. People often choose to wear plain tops. However, it is a personal choice and the person can decide to wear clothes, which are suitable for their style. Women normally tend to wear tank tops or sports bra. However, cotton t-shirts can also be combined with the pants.
    If you are into organic and eco-friendly things, then you may opt for eco-friendly hot yoga clothes as well. The beauty of these clothes is that they are good for earth, as they are comfortable and functional, when one is practicing hot yoga. Before I end this write up a small tip is to opt for clothes you are comfortable in. If you are uncomfortable in the clothes, then chances are high that you will not enjoy your hot yoga class
    Hot Yoga Clothes  
    Hot Yoga Clothes
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