How to Tell if a Guy is Into You turst

    How to Tell if a Guy is Into You turst

    How to Tell if a Guy is Into You turst
    Not knowing can be very stressful especially if you think he is the only one that you want even if its for that brief period of time. Unlike the movies, guys will not come out of the wood work and proclaim their affection for you in front of the whole world. They would not want you to know this but deep down they are terrified of rejection. The massive male ego prevents them from taking a dive even if its meant for their own good. So how to tell if a guy is into you, well they will drop subtle hints and some courageous ones will pass a message through your friends. The scene although is not as gloomy as it looks, there are many signs that a guy will drop if he is into you. One of the relationship advice for women is to just fine tune your radar and keep your eyes and ears open to pick up on these signs and gestures.

    Its Only Words
    Like in the wild, males of certain species will make loud noises to attract females, human males will also use the same medium to attract females. Although they will use subtle words as we have come a long way from our Neanderthal origins. There are no specific words but look out for words which show concern, care, affection, etc. If you are parting ways for the day and he tells you 'be safe' or 'text when you reach', there is definitely something there to explore. If you are thinking how do you know if a guy likes you just by words, well guys won't be so concerned if they don't like the girl. If they aren't into you they will just end the conversation with 'bye see ya'.

    Body Language
    How to tell if a guy is into you body language! One of the strange but true phenomenon. Guys will let you know by their body language that they are into you. If they like you some of the things they will do are sit next to you and look straight at you when you speak, they will stand close to you without making you uncomfortable, etc. If you still wondering how to tell if a guy likes you by body language, he will look at only you even if you are in a group. He will tap you on your shoulder to get your attention, he will playfully touch your hair or your arm and most times you will find him gazing at you.
    The Gentleman
    If you are troubled by the question how to know if a guy likes you, the answer is, observe his etiquettes when he is around you. Guys are genetically programed to be chivalrous and it is their natural instinct to be on their best behavior around the girl they like. If he is into you he will offer you his seat, hold doors open, carry your stuff, offer you rides, etc. These are some of the tale tell signs of a guy really liking you, because they want to present their best side to you. This is also one of the parameters of knowing how to tell if a guy is into you or not, if he doesn't hold the door open for you even if you are carrying books, its an indication that he is not into you.

    Gifts Galore
    One of the signs a shy guy likes you is that he will give you gift's to show his affection. It is easier for shy guys to show that they are interested in you by giving gifts. Even if a guy is not shy he will try to get your attention by giving gifts, they might not necessarily be expensive, but are sure indicators of his affection. If ever there was a how to tell if a guy is into you quiz one of the questions would be does he give you gifts. Another question in the how to tell if a guy likes you quiz would be does he get nervous around you, if he does then he probably is into you.
    Tech Touch
    We live in a world dominated by telecommunication and the use of mobile phones is wide spread. So one of the questions troubling girls today is how to tell if a guy is into you through texting, if he sends you messages regularly its a good sign. If the guy texts you good morning and good night messages regularly it is a clear indication that he adores you. Still troubled with the question how can you tell if a guy likes you, signs like friend requests on social networking sites like 'Facebook', and initiating chat on 'G-Talk' or Yahoo messenger are signs to look out for.

    One of the other indicators of how to tell if a guy is into you is to look out for attention seeking behavior, like talking to much when he is around you, trying to do stunts, regurgitating lyrics of the latest songs, etc. There are ways to tell a guy likes you you just need to tune in and pick up the signals.
    How to Tell if a Guy is Into You turst

    How to Tell if a Guy is Into You turst     

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