Emmy Awards Fashion 2007

    Like the usual award ceremonies, all the actresses looked fabulous. But it's not often I feel that majority of the dresses worn were genuinely pretty like this time. All over the Internet, websites have Katherine Heigl as their front photo. Honestly, while I thought Katherine Heigl looked stunning (as usual) I just think she looked kind of like how she did in the past numerous ceremonies that she has attended so I wasn't overly impressed with her dress. Instead...

    I LOVE the way these strapless dresses seem to be wrapped and draped so perfectly and elegantly around Kristen Bell and Ali Larter. The dresses and the look is so fresh. Kristen's blue dress gave off a lighter, weightless glamour, whereas Ali Larter's red dress feels glamorous and fierce. It's not easy to pull off these dresses without looking like they were just wrapped around in towels. Gorgeous!
    Mary Louise Parker and Felicity Huffman both looked so stunning. That red matches Parker really well and she pulls off that fancy dress without making it seem fussy. Felicity's bold pink dress is such a sophisticated, fantastic shade of pink. And the dress is draped really great on her -it makes her seem glam yet relaxed.

    Black dresses in general are the safe options. There are always celebrities who turn up in black dresses but there are only a few that don't look boring. Sandra Oh's dress may seem boring, but I really like the white chiffon detail in the chest area and the way the dress is so perfectly A-line. As for Rachel Griffin's vintage Chanel dress, it caught my eye that it looks so traditional and tight on the top and hip area, but flares out and shows some legs -makes the dress seem more modern doesn't it?

    Not much to say for these two but you really can't deny that Heidi Klum and Teri Hatcher looked amazing. (Although something about Heidi looks a bit weird to me -maybe it's the hair?) And Badgley Mischka really chose the right spokesperson this season because this is one of the few times I think Teri Hatcher actually turned up to an award ceremony looking so pretty and elegant.
    Doesn't Marcia Cross look amazing? She just gave birth a few months ago and she's already looking like her usual gorgeous self. As for Sally Field, she looks so fresh and pretty that it's hard to believe she's already 60. My mum saw her on TV and thought she was in her fourties! Sally Fields manages to pull off this strapless dress without looking like she's 'trying too hard' or making the red look 'old-ladyish'.
    Oh poor Hayden Panetierre. Usually she's one of the young stars who you can count on to look absolutely stunning, but she just looked like a huge tent at the Emmy's. It's not only the shape of the dress, it's also that her skin colour looks almost the same dress colour.

    I love Kyra Sedgewick in The Closer and it's not that she looks terrible in this dress, but the design and shape of the dress is just not very eye-soothing, like something feels weird about it. And Becki Newton, who I think is one of the most beautiful actresses on screen (and one of the few reasons I still watch Ugly Betty,) looked like a fussy mermaid in the grey dress. Maybe I just don't know how to appreciate that silhouette and all those layers.
    Whose dress did you love/ hate the most?
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