Playboy – not just for girls

    Continuing in the vein of unearthing fascinating men’s footwear (see the post before last, all about the Baracuta / Base London tie up) Fashion Buyer brings you the resurgent Playboy. No, this is not the glamour-soaked women’s streetwear brand but the original Playboy of fashion – Playboy Footwear – a men’s footwear label that started its life in ‘thirties London, even predating the rise of Hugh Hefner, who was born in 1926.
    After making its name with a collection of brothel-creepers and other leather classics the company went out of business after World War Two. But that wasn’t the end for the London-born brand. The company name was bought by a Swedish company that continued creating men’s footwear and a smattering of successful style introductions kept the brand alive. But it too teetered on the edge of going under before it was bought out by a Danish company. That company has now teamed up with young fashion design agencies to create a streetwear-led collection alongside its burgeoning range of leather classics. This includes high-top leather sneakers, canvas pumps and deck shoes all in a palette of blue and grey with punchy highlights coming through on laces and tipping. The leather collection includes burnished worker boots, brogues and oxfords. The brand is not sold anywhere in the UK at the moment so if you get hold of the brand you can consider it very exclusive. And the team is very keen to sell in the UK. Contact the brand directly in Copenhagen on 00 45 3929 1833 or visit to find out moreSource URL:
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