Persevering for Percival

    I've been hearing lots of talk among buyers and brands over the last few months about Percival. This quirky, London-designed menswear brand has by all accounts developed a spring 10 collection as well as
    an autumn 10 range but is still to finalise an agent to help bring the brand to market.
    Fans of Albam will appreciate Percival's honest approach to casualwear which is defined by clean silhouettes and classic shapes reinterpreted for a modern, slim-Jim shopper. The collection is manufactured entirely in London from a texture-rich palette of Harris Tweed, Scottish beeswax cotton, chunky lambswool and heavyweight melton sourced from Yorkshire.

    Fashion Buyer is currently fishing for more info, including price details but until then take a look at the website below or call the brand direct.
    For more information call 07900 900918, or visit URL:
    Visit Icip2idayusof for daily updated images of art collection

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