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    faviana-prom-dressesFaviana Prom Dresses is the must have prom dress for those who want to look like their favorite Hollywood movie star. You can look and feel every bit as fabulous as any star but you don't have to pay the earth for it. You can buy an outfit for as little as $120. Prom is one of life's rights of passage and most girls want to look and feel special on this most special of nights. Feeling special on the night is largely down to the dress worn and how confident and good you feel wearing it. You want to be different and to stand out therefore it's important that you wear a gown that stands out from the crowd; heaven forbid you wear one that's worn by others on the night.

    That's why buying a designer prom dress makes sense. Because they've been designed by leading fashion designers, the gowns tend to be different and of better quality than department store brands. However, some designer prom gowns can be beyond the budget of all but the well-heeled; Jovani, for instance, makes gowns that are loved and worn by move stars but they don't come cheap. However, you can still buy a dress that's made of excellent fabrics, is well made and owes its styling to gowns you've seen on the big screen. While there are a number of fashion house that produce gowns modeled on the big screen, Faviana prom dress are the first choice for most.

    Faviana is a New York based fashion house that has been producing exquisite formal wear for women over many years. Each year the company produces a collection of over 200 styles, in all sizes, so there's bound to be one that's perfect for you. The company realizes that most girls, while wanting to look as glamorous as any Hollywood actress, isn't going to necessarily have the same budget or body shape as a movie star. Therefore the company offers, not only a wide choice, but a wide price band; prices start for as low as $120. Also, it makes it dresses in all sizes, even plus size, so you can be sure of buying a dress that's going to fit you perfectly.

    But Faviana doesn't just copy frocks from the movies. The company is also renowned for its innovative styles. The fabrics used are also first-rate and the attention to detail is amazing - satins, silks and chameuse beautifully adorned with embroidery, sequins and beading (R C).
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