London Fashion Week SS08 Wrapup III

    London Fashion Week's finished. Now all the fashion people are in Milan, but here are a few more London collections. On Thursday, BG talked about how she liked the Matthew Williamson and Erdem collection. I'm going to blabber on a bit how I don't quite love some of the collections: (Please note that this is just my taste. I'm in no way saying these designers have no talent!)

    House of Holland

    So I've decided maybe I don't hate those neon-coloured, slogan Tees that much. They're just annoying. Before this collection, I didn't know exactly what to expect. Afterall, he couldn't possibly do endless collections of slogan Tees. And even though I knew I wasn't going to like it, it was more terrible than I expected. The clothes are just so colourful in a trashy way. I know House of Holland is all about being worn to parties, but why would one want to turn up to parties looking like that?

    Louise Goldin

    Louise Goldin is supposedly this runway season's new London designer to lookout for. Since a few of the online reviews seemed to have liked this collection, maybe it's just me who didn't really get the appeal of these clothes so I'm really not too impressed. Maybe it's because I'm too much of a realist and can't imagine wearing these clothes in real life. Oh well, what did you think of this new designer?

    And to finish this post with a pretty collection: Giles

    Such a pretty collection! Giles has really improved since he first started. A lot of the dresses from this collection felt very 'fancy tea party' to me.

    The techo, tie-dyed looking silk dresses are so pretty -the blue, the purple, the swirl of colours. And look at the dress in the middle, it looks like a painting of purple clouds (together with the white-ish chiffon underneath.)

    And finally, the artsy dresses. I love how Giles (for the middle dress) combined artsy, cutout pieces with the simple mid-sleeved dress on top. It's a totally wearable simple dress without looking boring!

    Next week is Milan Fashion Week -can't wait to see the Prada collection!
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