Freewaters: clever sandals from a clever company

    A refreshingly ethical project, Freewaters is a new footwear brand just stepping on these shores this season. The California company is all about sandals: durable, PVC free and biodegradable they all boast ergonomically shaped footbeds with arch support. Designed by an ex-DC designer these feature some pleasingly techy touches like the lightest-ever midsole (at least that’s the claim) and the no-seam strap. Tiered into First, Bizness and Plus, these come in good, better and best levels.

    And the best part? For every pair sold the company donates enough money to provide a year's worth of clean drinking water to one individual, which kind of explains the name, right?
    It doesn’t do this through a charity by the way but through its own direct action, you know digging wells and such. Respect.
    It's brand new but you can find out more with the flick of an email to info@freewaters.comSource URL:
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