Spring & Summer Hairstyles For Women 2011 Spring & Summer Hairstyles For Women 2011

    This season, hair cuts are inspired by softness, lightness and natural look; let your hair live: this is the feature of spring & summer 2011. Forget long cut, ultra sleek and very short graphic cut. Cuts are easy to maintain and with warm sun reflections. Go for semi-long hair, but not too degraded, with a soft brushing that makes gives life to your beautiful ripples. The mini-wave is very fashionable this summer. If you are a fan of short hair, adopt without hesitation the carré style.
    The first hair cut combines between elegance and contemporary; an asymmetrical fringe with degraded points that gives a nice effect of lightness on the length, the Brown Cassis color creates warm highlights and charming look. The corrugated carré is coming strongly this summer; a finely corrugated carré on a blonde gives hair a beautiful brightness. A few longer tresses are adding more natural touch.
    The “snowball effect” cut is feminized by tresses effect, which emphasizes the eyes and the look. “Degraded & curly” is a long hair cut with degraded points and a large tress on the side that contrasts with cut’s outline. To obtain beautiful curls, use your diffuser to dry your hair. This is an ideal cut those who have wavy, curly and short hair.
    “Carré rock” is another trendy cut for short hair fans; a short degraded carré lightly plunging. The tress is left long on the front and swept on the side to create an asymmetric effect. The idea here is to give a rock edge to this cut by iron curling hair and bringing the tress on the front to create a movement.

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