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    It is important to take care of our feet, just like we do for the rest of our body. One of the reasons is that they also form a part of our body and the second is that they add to our overall appearance and personality. At the same time, our feet serve as an indicator of our overall personal hygiene. However, even while taking care of our feet, there are some things that we must keep in mind. Otherwise, in our enthusiasm to ensure that our feet are well cared for, we might end up damaging them. In talking care of your feet, you find the information given below to be quite useful.

    Foot Care Information

    Foot Care Dos
    • While drying your feet with towel, make sure to wipe the area between your toes as well.

    • Always wash you feet before going to bed, dry them well and moisturize with a cream or lotion.

    • While applying polish on your toenails; always start with the smallest toe and move across to the rest.

    • Always wear cotton socks with your shoes. Not only are they comfortable, but also let you feet breathe well and avoid foot odor.

    • If you have any hard skin on your feet, rub the area gently, with a pumice stone or a skin file.

    • Always cut your toenails straight across and make sure that they are not too short.

    • While wearing a shoe, keep in mind the activity that you will be indulging in. For instance, you should not wear tennis shoes if you want to go jogging and vice-versa.

    • Make use of foot powder on a daily basis. It will keep your feet dry and free of unpleasant odor.

    • Indulge in walks on a daily basis. The activity is not only good for your health, but also provides proper blood circulation to your feet.

    Foot Care Don'ts
    • Do not ignore even the slightest pain in your foot, as it might be the sign of a major ailment.

    • Do not apply any lotion or cream between your toes, as it can lead to a skin infection.

    • While trimming your toenails, make sure not to cut down the corner. This might lead to in-growth of toenails.

    • Never ever make use of a razor on your calluses. It might lead to an infection later on.

    • Do not cut out a corn with a pair of scissors. Rather, make use of proper corn caps, available with a pharmacist.

    • Do not wear the same pair of shoes everyday. It is better to alternate between different pair of shoes.

    • Never ever wear socks or stockings that are either too short or too tight. They will interfere with the circulation of blood to your feet.

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