Making your face up like a celebrity’s might seem like a lot of work. It doesn’t have be time-consuming, though, although getting you “camera ready” will take a little longer than applying your daily makeup. While the trend in makeup is toward the natural look, making your face up like a Hollywood star calls for more dramatic effects that will make you stand out from the crowd.
    1. Wash your face with a facial cleanser to clean your skin. Apply foundation over your entire face to create an even tone. Apply it lightly so it doesn’t look caked on.

    2. Apply eye liner to your upper lid just above your lashes from one corner of the eye to the other. Let the liner line become naturally thicker as it extends toward the outside corner. Apply the liner to your lower eyelid just below your lashes in a thin line.

    3. Choose an eye shadow in three shades from light to medium to dark. Apply the medium shade to your eyelid between the liner and the crease of the eye. Use the lightest shade between the crease of the eye and just below the eyebrow.

    4. Use the darkest eye shadow in a thin to ¼-inch line along the crease of the eye. Blend the dark eye shadow slightly so there are no distinct lines. Apply mascara once to your eyelashes on the top and bottom and allow the lashes to dry. Apply again for added thickness.

    5. Apply blush along the “apples” of your cheeks to the side of the face, rather than next to your nose. Drag the brush up your cheekbones toward the ears to lightly color the upper edge of the cheeks.

    6. Use lip liner a shade or two darker than your lipstick around the perimeter of your lips if your lips are thin. Apply lipstick in the areas inside the liner or edges of the lips to complete the look. Use a bright red or hot pink to call attention to your lips and create an eye-popping, glammy look.

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