The launch marks knowingly models “mini me” adorable, for those who want the same fashion that the air little one!
    You will notice that the wardrobes of our children look more and more to ours. Or is it the opposite? We know very well. In any case, know that you can absolutely inspire you the contents of your closet for you to fill those of your darlings. For example, for girls this year, the flounced dress (as in IKKS children), tulip shape will be a hit. And you will see that strolling through the shops (for children and adults alike) you will find anywhere.
    summer 2011 fashion cravings shopping at my child pat al eye
    But from that, the tendency … Are these girls who have imposed on mothers and their mode this dress trend, or vice versa?
    And just to be there (at the height of fashion), not worth going too far. Good old addresses you used because you know them they are always on top are there. Small boat for example. Simple, always on the wave, with a real stamp. The kings of the smock. And it does not fail again this year, she is honored (we told you so!).
    For girls, the flower patterns are still relevant. There is good reason to choose ventilated, while the story is nice, especially in spring. Only the brand Petit Bateau successfully blends perfectly reasonable as an upper flowers combined with striped trousers. It’s a risk worth taking, but such associations can be very spring and perfectly fashionable. If in doubt, it would be wise to follow the coup rather suggestions of the mark … and prevent disasters and lack of taste.

    You’ll also notice that for boys, the trend is also the imitation of Dad’s closet. Plaid shirt, cargo pants … real young men! But let’s not forget that this is indeed children and not miniature adults. Certainly there is a tendency to clothe her little piece of chic way, but not every day. Keep nice shirts for special occasions, family dinners, birthday parties …
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