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    Prom Dress Inspiration!

    Prom DressHave you seen a celebrity this year on the red carpet that inspired you for your prom dress? Who says only rich celebrities can pull off a glam look? You can look good, and pay only half the price. Steal inspiration from your favorite celeb who top the best dressed list all the time!

    My top 8 favorites!

    1. Earlier this year, at the CMA Awards, Taylor Swift wore a Strapless Heart Shaped bust dress, with a sequined bodice, and long tulle skirt. If you like the style, but don't dig the length, you can always shop for a short cute strapless dress, with a tight bodice, and puffy tulle skirt. The style is chic, and fun!

    2. At her debut premiere, Alicia Keys went Greek, and wore a Flowy one shoulder Strap Dress with a floor length pleated skirt. If you're quality traits include being daring and bold, then wear it in a blue or yellow! This dress is totally modern, and very stylish!

    Vanessa Hudgens3 Earlier this year, Michelle Trachenberg from Gossip Girl, went dark and wore a Short Sexy Strapless Navy dress. It wasn't as fancy as other celebrities, yet it was still sexy and formal. Plus it's a great way to show off your curves, and legs!

    4. At the Critics Choice Awards, Amanda Bynes wore a Tight Short Bondage Dress. Sure a bondage dress may not be for everyone, but if you can rock it, you should! It's totally flattering, and has the words sexy spelled all over it.

    5. At her premiere of High School Musical 3, Vanessa Hudgens wore a Casual Flirty Short Black Dress with stylish cuff links. Although it may not formal enough for Prom, it can be! You can wear accessories to play up the color, and create a stylish up do that will leave your audience in awe. Remember, Vanessa Hudgens was able to get her hottie Zac, you can too!

    6. On the red carpet, Beautiful America Ferrera wore an Empire Strapless Tea length Dress. The dress has a bubble hem skirt, giving a flattering look to a small waist! These stylish dresses compliment your beautiful neckline and shoulders, making you look taller and slender.

    7. Rumer Willis wore a Classic Black Strapless Dress with a heart shaped bust, and flared bottom skirt. These dresses are absolutely stunning, and classy. You can sweep off the dance floor with this amazing dress. It shows your silhouette of your body, making you look curvy, and taller.

    8. One of many Beyonce's style included a Black Ruffled Strapless Minidress. The ruffles gives an exquisite look. Although you might want to get a longer dress for prom, then Beyonce's the style is fun and sexy! You might want to play up the color, by wearing bold accessories.

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