Losing it

    My buzz for the SATC movie is totally frizzed out right now. It just seems such old news. The stores who are going so incredibly OTT for it are driving me insane because I swear that buying one dress will not make you any closer to being Charlotte than it is for Samantha to get married with a 60 year old man. Thankyou very much. I think they call it burn-out when one will look forward to something so much that once it happens, the excitement just dies away almost instantly...that is, until I received an email in my inbox this morning with a huge image of the "Something Blue" satin Manolo pump which Carrie is seen toting iconically toward the end of the film. I have to admit that as much as I hate to admit how my tummy totally did a flip flop as soon as I saw that pump which SATC fans will recognise miles away. Too bad for me. It is sold at $945 online and in the movie, it was only a mere $550. Yeah, I think I just lost the buzz once again.

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