Blooming Marvelous bags for Mums

    I'm sure that nobody reading this will be surprised to learn that there's a baby boom on, as everybody knows someone with a new baby on the way just now. Time was when parenthood meant abandoning all vestiges of style to hide away in baggy skirts and bad jumpers, but that's certainly not the case now, with whole industries emerging to make Mums and Dads look cool.

    So yummy mummies present and future take note: Blooming Marvelous is a great luggage label specialising in bags that you'd never guess were full of nappies. The two styles pictured above: 'Oi Zebra' (£85) and Lin & Leo in red (£159) are both super stylish bags to carry your baby's must-haves with impeccable dignity. Watch out for more styles in the spring!

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