Christmas Fancy Dress

    3 Alternatives to the Traditional Santa Claus Outfit

    Christmas Fancy Dress The traditional Santa Claus outfit has become extremely popular during the festive season. It seems that in the weeks leading up to the 25th December these Christmas fancy dress costumes are everywhere. On the street corner rattling a box for your money, in countless shops promoting the latest Xmas gift, in Santa's Grottos up and down the country and of course at family gatherings scaring the younger children.

    The Santa Claus outfit is also the most popular costume at the end-of-year office do and festive fancy dress parties. So, if you are planning on going to one such party this year and would like to be at least a little bit original, what are the alternative Christmas fancy dress costumes that are available to you?


    A Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer suit is always a good choice amongst the men at this time of the year. There are female versions of the costume, but I believe the really good ones out there are those for the men. Please note that not all reindeer costumes come with a red nose, but if you find a great reindeer suit that does not have one, then a red Comic Relief nose will always make a good substitute.


    Ladies can choose to go to the party in a Sexy Miss Santa costume, but in my opinion an even better and far less risque choice is to go as a Christmas tree fairy or an angel. The angel outfits currently available are extremely flattering and stand out even in a room full of Christmas fancy dress costumes. I would like to say one word of warning though with this type of outfit. Make sure that the angel wings are not likely to restrict your movement at the party.


    I have saved my personal favourite to last, the Snowman costume, which I believe is the best alternative to a Santa Claus outfit. We are a nation brought up on the heart warming tale by Raymond Briggs, so a Snow man suit is always going to be well loved at the party. Also, it is a unisex outfit that comes in styles for men and women, as well as some hilarious looking novelty ones. However, if you are going to go down the novelty route, please make sure you are well aware whether your suit is easy to get in and out of with regards to visiting the bathroom during the evening.

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