All it takes is a gown

    I was browsing on net-a-porter just recently and there is a huge sale going on and I don’t know about you but personally, when it comes to sales I just love to buy something which I would never dream of owning otherwise. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be something which I’ve desperately wanted but moreover, something along the lines of “on-sale-and-fabulous” and definitely not “on-sale-and-you-know-it”. Anyways I was skimming and what caught my attention were the plentiful designer gowns which were all reduced enormously. And that has made me question the fact that I may own absolutely everything in this world but there is definitely one thing missing and it is the gown. Pretty silly though isn’t it? I really don’t have anywhere to wear a gown to. I mean, we get invited to red-carpet events All the TIME so really…we’re trying to be modest here, only kidding. But wouldn’t it just be amazing to fling open a wardrobe full of beautiful floor length pieces? It’s weird because nothing really defines a ‘gown’. I originally thought that a gown was those big Cinderella dresses but it seems as though time has transcended that definition to fit many styles and seasons. Like a summer gown can also be a printed dress or a maxi dress. And a cocktail gown can be something which reaches your knees. Weird isn’t it? Oh well, I really don’t know about buying a gown at the moment but choosing which ones are just couture-fabulous is just a whole heap of fun altogether.

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