Cadburys Nail Varnish - Hot or Not?

     The new limited edition Dairy Milk Cocoa/Vanilla Bliss nail varnish is in the shops now. I thought I'd never see the day when a chocolate brand mixes with cosmetics but here we are. They are priced at £11 each but i have done research and it is possible to get of Nails Inc. for £9.90.

    Is this a rip off to sell more nail varnish or is it really something special? I try and think £11 I could buy a new top from new look for this price but its cadburys right?! It would be like painting your nails with chocolate and as a chocoholic this REALLY appeals to me. The shades are gorgeous in a dark brown or creamy tan so they are the perfect shades to pair with your autumn wardrobe.

    I have been searching online for reviews but there aren't so many currently as it is so new on the market. I have tried them and they give a good strong glossy finish. the colours are bold but blend in with nudes, tans and camel. I ahve also tried the "Bliss" chocolate bar and that is also very yummy!

    COMPETITION: There is a competition running for three weeks where very day 10,000 of these nail varnishes will be given away, simply buy a bliss bar text the number on the back and you may win something. Even if you don't win its a good excuse to eat chocolate! ;)

    So... cadburys nail inc varnish, HOTor NOT?
    Aly x
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