5 Ways for Men to Dress Slimmer

    Larger guys can easily give the impression of being much thinner than they are, simply by wearing certain clothes.

    And the Jacamo plus size mens clothing range has plenty of items to choose from that will result in a genuinely slimming effect.

      Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right Jacamo plus size mens clothing.

    1.       Stripes

    There is a golden rule with wearing stripes... Horizontal: No. Vertical: Yes.

    Vertical stripes will make your silhouette look longer and slimmer.

    Horizontal stripes, however, will have the opposite effect and make anyone look larger than they are...

    2.       Jackets

    A single-breasted jacket will make you look far slimmer than a double-breasted one; this is because people’s eyes will automatically focus on the centre point.

    Also, try to avoid jackets or blazers that are double-vented as this will draw unnecessary attention to your bottom!

    3.       Sizes

    NEVER try and squeeze into a size that is too small!

    Wearing clothing that is overly tight will look terrible and you will feel very self-conscious.

    4.       Belts

    Belts are a very important accessory!

    You should always wear one as it will hold your waistline and ensure that your trousers hang correctly!

    5.       Colours

    Wearing contrasting colours will immediately draw attention to the joins between your clothes, i.e. your stomach... 

    Stick to shades that are more similar to one another.

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