Pure brand spotlight: Terry de Havilland

    Everybody loves Terry de Haviland. So Fashion Buyer was pleased to catch up with rock 'n' roll cobbler and his wife Liz (both pictured above) at Pure this week. The pair were there to introduce the own-named range which is being made under licence by LXY brands, the company behind Strutt Couture and Rio Ferdinand's footwear brand Five.

    Q  Terry what are you doing here at Pure?

    A  We’re here to promote our new range with LXY brands. It’s a five year deal and it’s global. It’s great to have them on board you know. I love designing but I really am not a salesman! My Dad said to me that selling something is easy – just not to people who will pay you.

    Q  What are your ambitions for the brand?

    A  To keep going until world domination, I suppose. The retail prices are £225 to £425 so we will hopefully be creating a diffusion line too, the D’Havz, which will be more affordable but we do have to work on the pricing before we can breathe life into that one.

    Q  Why do a diffusion line?

    A  We have lots of celebrities who we are dressing and have had the likes of [singers] Gabriella Cilmi and Kate Nash seeing us a lot. And when you have people like that wearing your shoes you feel that you would like to provide versions for the kids that will see them wearing them. So that diffusion line needs to be something that younger people can buy into.

    Q  What have you been making for them at the moment?
    A  At the moment I’m making a pair for Gabriella Cilmi out of some vintage leather which comes from the 70s – it’s older than she is. Which reminds me - I’m currently making the footwear for a new musical called Shoes – it’s by the writer of the Gerry Springer musical. It’s set in the 70s and I am creating a lot of serious heels for it – double platformed and square toed. When the cast opened the boxes, there were squeals of delight. They’ve got to dance in them yet!

    Q  What’s the collection for the show like?
    A  There’s lots of bling, Swarovski crystals everywhere. The sort of thing I will be creating watered down versions of.

    Prices for the collection go from £87 to £177
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