Mens Designer Watches: Are These What You Looking For?

    There are just too many mens designer watches for men available in the market and manufactured by top brands and sold at hefty prices which are directly caused by the making materials ensuring the quality and style.

    Mens Designer Watches have become the necessity in modern society especially we are believe time is money, and a designer watch of chic design is much more charming for it is not only a necessity but also a chic accessory for daily decoration.

    So today we would like to share these 3 unique mens designer watches with our readers.

    Snyper One

    Far from its suggestion of stealth, Snyper has generated considerable buzz despite debuting only in 2009. Co-founder and designer Jean-Francois Ruchonnet was a sniper in the army day and he is on target with the watches' aggressive designs inspired by automatic rifles.

    This inaugural Snyper One collection is a head-turner, featuring black PVD-coated chronographs with gemset options spanning black and white diamonds to yellow sapphires.

    HD3 Three Minds

    HD3 is for lovers of high-end complications who appreciate both aesthetic and technical virtues. Conceived by watch designers Jorg Hysek, Valerie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet, HD3 never let futuristic styling and inspired complications get in the way of each other.

    This "Three Minds" is a great piece of kit for the lovers of Oversize watches. A bit aggressive but good enough to be recommended to you that love "modern taste" in fashion.

    Hautlence HLQ 08

    Like its name, which is an anagram of Neuchatel, one of Switzerland's most important watchmaking towns, Hautlence likes to mix things up and offer different view. It comes in five variations, with 88 pieces available per model. The case is 43.8mm x10.65mm, and is available in either stainless steel or gold. All models come with a hand sewn alligator strap.

    Each watch is individually identified with plate numbers. The jumping hours and retrograde minute are controlled by the HL patent combining translation slide as a result of declining probe snail with a mass of gold acting as flywheel and to provide the energy necessary to jump drive.

    In conclusion, there are so many mens designer watches out there, but we always believe that when choosing the most fashionable watches for ourselves, the true value lies in the choosing of the best watches that will be perfect for the purpose you have in mind.Source URL:
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