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    cool-fashionBow tie and bow ties of brotherhood which is made from plain silk fabrics. After years of reduced "under the chin" from the people of conservative, bow tie now embrace the mainstream fashion scene and get a luxury not only from the habitues of fashion runway, but from young hipsters as well. Many men are now using it. they want to follow cool fashion.

    The most fitting place to wear a tie that is taking center stage as an alternative to a jacket and tie. current trends in fashion now encourages the relationship become the center of attention. No more favorite people are "old." Younger segment of the population is to find the true value of this spired and butterflies add-on to their get-ups. In fact, the young and daring is finding creative ways to use a bow tie and bond of brotherhood diamond point butterflies without having to shed the wild side of their personality. This way, to express their youth.

    Modern clothes today would not be complete without using a tie to match. Diamond point relations and ties of brotherhood which is often used by men as gallant and elegant accessory for suit or tuxedo for a special occasion. However, people who are looking for ways to preserve their wild character while adding elements of the class are now looking for more creative ways of using their bow ties. In fact, a bow tie is no longer exclusive accessories for men as we now also see women who used them in their clothes. So the tie is the latest trend today.

    Ties are part of the history and culture of western society in the world of fashion. This elegant fabric is usually related to a new rich class and the elite of society. Most scholars and historians trace the roots of the modern bow ties for scarves worn by Croatian 17th century. Clothing concept was later adopted by the modern world and then evolved into what is known today as the modern necktie.

    Everyone who wants to look more handsome and perfect in dress, they always use the tie as the latest trend of today.
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