H&M gets knit-tastic for Autumn 2010

    This blog may be in danger of banging on a little bit too hard about the Navajo inspired patterns and knits coming through on the high street for autumn but it really is an absolute corker of a trend.

    Fashion Buyer has already commended Topshop with a winning rosette when it comes to the look, and M&S has been applauded too, but we thought we would furnish you with these pics from H&M just to ram the message home.

    Agreed, they're not all native American in inspiration, but whether vintage Nordic, slightly folkoric, or just plain flea market, these pattern-heavy fash-forward knits will prove an absolute must-have come autumn. And, the pages of the fashion mags and weekend broadsheet supps will be absolutely heaving with them too. Trust us.Source URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2010/05/h-gets-knit-tastic-for-autumn-2010.html
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