New Years Resoloutions...

    I have been trying to think of some new years resoloutions for 2011 and (I will probably think of many mo) I have come up with being tidy..ish as I am a naturally untidy person. So it may be difficult.. very difficult. Okay.. I'll stick to keeping my room tidy. To make an item of clothing with my sewing machine. Im not talking canvas bags here, ;) something I'd wear daily like a top or a skirt. Or perhaps I should make a resoloution to not be too ambitious haha. Finally to draw when I feel like it whenever or whatever. So I shall buy myself a notebook (preferably from accesorize as they have gorgeous notebooks) and hopefully inspiration may be easier. At the end of this year I will review whether I have actually kept any of them..any at all. I'm not usually very good at keeping them; last years was to eat less chocolate but here I am munching on a chocolate orange. :D Do you have any new years resoloutions, comment and let me know. Hope you like..

    Oohh and I almost forgot! Tomorow my friend is doing a photography project and Im appearing in it and doing hair and makeup so I'm very excited and will put up pictures whenever they are done...
    To draw my fashion designs when I'm inspired whether busy or not...

    To keep my room tidy ( See I've started already)
    My jewelery box still wont shut neither will my makeup bags... but sorting through them would take a life time. So tidy..ish then ;)

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