Menswear retail: Bricks, wood, stuffed animals and blankets

    Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light, the future of menswear retail? Well, we can and inspiration-wise, it still looks to be coming from Stateside for the next six months at least. So we thought we’d bring you some VM ideas, with a few snaps of stores to whom the look comes naturally.
    As you can see here, when it's performed sincerely it's less about hanging up some flags than it is about using quality materials and vintage objects. Bicycles, leather sofas, axes, and just what is it with taxidermy and menswear?
    At the top there you can see The Field House in Seattle, Followed by Wisconsin favourite, Context and then Stag in Austin and then one that does favour a flag - Unionmade in San Francisco. Finally, for you denimheads, there's Imogene and Willie in Nashville, Tennessee. That last one is a converted petrol (sorry, gas) station and on Thursday nights a rock band plugs in here. Now that's what we call a destination store.
    All of these stores made it in to US GQ's top ten indies.Source URL:
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