Kenton Sorenson, doyen of all things leather

    We at Fashion Buyer have been chatting to Wisconsin maker of leather accessories Kenton Sorenson. He’s been busy hand cutting and stitching for the holiday rush but took time out to tell us about his products, an increasingly sought after range of handmade leather gear for men. Go on, Kenton, take it away….

    I use only vegetable tanned leather, meaning it is tanned using tree bark instead of chromium. It's the old fashioned, environmentally friendly way. It takes a day to chrome tan a hide, whereas it takes a month to vegetable tan a hide.

    Why do you use vegetable tanning?
    Vegetable tanned leather conforms to you and your stuff over time. I like to leave it un-dyed, which leaves the leather in much better shape, and I oil and hand wax the leather myself. It darkens by itself to a light brown from exposure to light. Every piece is hand stitched for more durability.

    There are few bells and whistles on your products, is it consciously simple?
    I work hard at making every design as simple as possible. Here's my guiding motto: "Simplicity requires a constant discarding of anything that is nonessential."
    I have a studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I work and display my products and I currently don't have an outlet in the UK.

    What products are in your range at the moment?
    The product line is constantly changing. But right now it's a roller buckle belt, dopp kit, front pocket wallet, passport wallet, iPhone sleeve, iPad sleeve, iPad portfolio, laptop and document portfolio. And a briefcase. I'm currently working on designing a complete line to fit Apple products.

    Pictured above are the laptop bag and the dopp kit (just in case you wondered what that was!). Note the light colour of these products - as Kenton says these will all darken with age.
    To find out more, email kentonsorensonusa@gmail.comSource URL:
    Visit Icip2idayusof for daily updated images of art collection

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