Deepak Perwani talks to Fashion Central

    Deepak Perwani is one of the big names in the world of Fashion designing, particularly in Men’s wear. Deepak Perwani is marvelously serving the Pakistani Style & Fashion industry and he is making his name along with the name of the country, both at national & at international level. Deepak Perwani is successfully running his outlets and he is participating in the world wide Fashion shows as well.  
    Recently, Fashion designer Deepak Perwaniexchanged his ideas with Fashion Central regarding the current scenario of the Pakistani Fashion industry.

    1. The Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) Fashion Week in Lahore held from Feb 16 to Feb 19, has certainly put us on the world map of fashion? The feeling of elation must be satisfying!

    We are glad and delighted that the PFDC has taken the lead in Lahore and set very high standards; certainly we asfashion designers have a responsibility not only to ourselves but also to the society and the country we belong to. And we have shown that this can be accomplished through passion, fervor and intensity of purpose;  Indeed the team work was harmonious with a lot of difficult decisions taken amicably and compatibility evident in every face of the activity. The world of fashion has seen what we are capable of.

    2. The Pakistani designers have won acclaim through this fashion show and hopefully they will be accepted in the highly competitive international arena.

    Please keep in mind that Pakistan is rich in culture and tradition and also basic intelligence and talent. Already our designers are reflecting their identity in shows outside Pakistan. We expect that new designers will also take their chances and receive appreciation from foreign buyers and audiences. Optimism is there and oozing, and in the surge, our new designers will make a place for themselves.

    3. The future, do you think it’s a battle against heavy odds.

    We have already succeeded in taking Pakistan’s Fashion scene forward. Inspite of the challenging conditions, noticeable are significant improvements and we have identified several international markets where we can make headway. And in the next phase we are touching U.A.E, U.K and U.S.A. Certainly the optimism is there and as a fashion man, I know what is good for us
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