Pure trends: marbled prints

    With so much womenswear on show you would expect to find some sincere prettiness at Pure. And where do we turn for that if not the prints? While floral patterns and animal motifs were in evidence at the show, the clearest direction for prints was more abstract. And though there were a few repeated geometric patterns, the majority of these were washed out, smoky and marbled. This follows on from the batik and tie-dye looks we have seen and also dovetails neatly with the stonewashed finishes we have been seeing on denim. Largely, these prints are not colourful and are more likely to come in black and white or black with another dark shade, perfect for autumn.
    Pictured from top: Carling, Fran and Jane, Fullcircle, Nu, TurnoverSource URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2010/08/pure-trends-marbled-prints.html
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