Fall fashion trends: H&M Autumn Winter 2010-2011 clothing


    A new H&M Fall Winter 2010-2011 catalog has arrived. It is full of fashion trends where the superposition of clothing pieces is the key for everything. And, in point of fact, there is nothing more practical and original than the combination of different elements to get unique looks; for that reason, this season, the Swedish clothing company gives us some ideas on how to do that.




    * Party dresses

    They are one of the most essential H&M Fall Winter 2010-2011 garments. They are worn one above other (in a similar way as other clothing companies are recommending. For instance, you can see a video with tips on the Mango website, in the “What Should I Wear” section), combining fabrics and prints as, for example, flounces and floral prints. Those elements are complemented with tight pants or leggings and leather belts to highlight the waist. As result, we have a romantic style but with rock or military touches (depending on the chosen pieces), which is very chic.



    * H&M Winter coats

    Besides what we have already mentioned, coats are, of course, also an important part of this H&M Fall Winter 2010-2011 collection. They are indispensable when the cold arrives; moreover, they can complete and modify strongly the final result of a style: Wearing an aviator jacket is not the same thing than wearing a parka, or a black coat, or a cardigan.



    * High boots and handbags

    Regarding high boots, suede boots in earth colors are in fashion this season; another option is to wear leather boots in black. As for handbags, the bandolier-style bags in khaki color, or made of brown leather, are the most remarkable items.

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