Bourjois Mascara Review and the New Plait...

    I tried out a new plait on my friend Elly yesterday and she has thinner hair and it seems to make it look thicker. I adjusted the pieces of hair to make it almost flat and it created the appearance of more hair. I think it would also work well with layers and it would make it slightly messy which is on trend currently. You could have two plaits but I only did one side plait as it made it thicker and easier to work with, hope you like...

    I added in this jewelled hair band from Rachel Wood Designs..
     This is the bourjois liner effect mascara which I bought in town for £8.60 whilst with my friend Rodrigues :) Its a massive imrpovement on my current mascara and it really lengthens the eyelashes making them really defined without clumps. If you are looking for longer eyelashes then I would strongly recommend it however in the name it says about it doubling as an eyeliner which it does in a way as it fully coats the eyelashes from root to tip which gives the effect of a kohl eyeliner; but you still need to add on eyeliner like I've done, just not as much as usual.

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