A week of madness..

    I apologise my lovelies for not doing a post in a week so i am sitting on the naughty step :( I however have been very busy with two lovely birthday parties with two lovely friends involving just dance 2, helium and a cake with amazing candles. The christmas tree has also been decorated and I visted *dun dun dun.. the clothes show :D Which was AMAZING not that the topless guys affected that conclusion ;) I have bought some lovely clothes and I have one outfit for you today :) Hope you like...

    Outfit from London Fashion, Glasses-Vintage, Tights-Dorothy Perkins. And yes my kitchen is being demolished ;)
    Art homework that never ended ;)

    The birthday girl is Milster (above th egirl doing the overenthusiastic clapping)

    Just Dance 2 ;)

    Me and Poppy :)

    The cake of dreams...

    Elly my bestie on the right another birthday girl :)

    And Ill be seeing you ...

    Aly xxx
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