seeing and *whosp!* ~ lost

    seharusnya yah aku nulis ini post tanggal 8 Desember kemaren, sehari pas sebelum aku dapet angka 18 ku di dunia yang gelap ini *ah opo seeh
    tapi apa daya sepertinya internet sedang tak bersahabat
    jadi yah hari ini pas internetnya bisa dan aku mau nge post something lah buat menghilangkan kesuntukan ckck mumpung lagi semangat buat nge posting nih hihi

    Dewasa ini yah kawan-kawan, kita pasti pernah dan PASTI lah pasti pasti *iyooooo pernah memiliki something or somewhere or any special in life lahh.. yang pacar yang hewan kesayangan yang gantungan kunci kesayangan yang hape kesayangan yang orang kesayangan dan semua yang serba kesayangan lahhh..
    Pokoknya selalu menemani dan lengkeeeeeet ckck
    Terus tau2 si something itu hilang dan nggak ada lagi buat kita, yang notabene pergi meninggalkan lah..So,
    what do you feels now?
    Yaaaa si Lost itu yang ada, Lost lost oooh lost..
    Rasanya sepi, nggak ada yang nemenin, nggak ada yang diajak berbagi dan itu yang aku rasakan deh hari itu

    Oke.. frontal aja deh sekarang

    On those date December, 8th 2010 i'd broke up with my hunny, my soulmater and i usually call him ayank..
    We had been together about 3 monts and we had do anything together..
    Just simple of little problem, and its end so vicious..
    I desperated , i crying and i dont wanna miss him already :(

    But it just late with the cover of my fault who made him won't took a trust in me..
    I lost everything..
    I lost anything in any ways we've done

    On the December, 9th 2010. >> THE DAY
    yeah thosee date i'd have my 18
    and i'd lost something who nearest by me.. *nahan nangis
    I'd got everything from my pal on those date, from you especially but i lost You

    dan aku masih berada di keterpurukan kehilangan itu selama sekitar 3 harian.. yaaah it's fair lah untuk kehilangan

    it's feels like you dont have any power to life anymore without him *lebay and this is my 3rd chances with the same case : i am the hurter
    it sounds like that i am to excessive to face this situation if i reminds my 18 zz
    firstly i couldn't take the decision (act my decision) at all, but when i angry and he just calm down in a text (siigh although i dunno what the real behind those texting) i can pretendind that i can calming down my self.. an it's so painful inside here (heart) and my head
    I love you, but i know that loving someone doesn't mean that i must to having that someone, it caused by we dont has any match poin anymore or on of those couple dont loving each other anymore and it could hurting anyway.. So i got the truth that :
    I Love You
    but it will
    become more hurting if i still holding you
    and you maybe better and happier if you're not with me
    *sory nulisnya kecil2 yah ;)

    but i dont know, until i wrote this posting while i try to forgetting anything about us, its takes me to get deeply loving you :( and it just hurting me
    and i think it just take a little temporary like yo've said to me, and then *bhusp!* i lost you after all :)
    and then on Monday i can face the truth well after some advice from my mom :) thank's mom

    naaaah udahan ye, ni adek ku udah nggregeli mau makek leptopnya

    laen kali aku posting lagi deh :D
    dadaaaaa readers

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