The Most Expensive Handbags

    You'd think that the birkins of the world were already expensive enough, but no, savvy designers just keep on coming up with even more extravagant creations to top the last one. Topping the Forbes list of the most extravagant bags in the world this year was not the Hermes Birkin*gasp*.

    The honor this time around goes to Chanel (ah the ever business savvy Karl), with this "Diamond Forever" bag worth $260,150USD. This limited edition classic Chanel shoulder bag (there is only 13!) is made of alligator skin with 334 diamonds (3.56 carats) encrusting the iconic Chanel C's set in 18-carat white gold. From the picture it doesn't look too different from a classic Chanel bag (you'd think that the 334 diamonds would look shinier and more impressive ), except for the alligator texture. And personally, I don't see the attraction of alligator skin. Admittedly, this one doesn't look bad with its creamy color and the subtle texture. But in general, I don't like alligator skins because it resembles too much the actual animal and that creeps be out no end.

    Coming in second is the super luxe version of the Birkin, the "Crocodile Birkin" at $120,000USD. Similarly made of crocodile skin (I really don't see the attraction with crocodiles), it too has a diamond encrusted clasp set in white gold. Though this time there are 10 carats. Hm...why is this less expensive than the Chanel one? Clearly this is the better bargain (if there is such thing as a bargain for such super luxe bags), especially since there are only 2 of them in the world. It wins hands down with size, rock and exclusivity!

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