Kane's cosmic menswear

    Everybody's starry-eyed, sang pop princess Ellie Goulding on her break out single. She must have been looking at Christopher Kane's debut menswear range.
    The line-up, which hits landmark London indie Dover Street Market this month, includes cashmere tops, T-shirts, vests and leather pieces. The central theme is the designer's love of space pictures and certainly the reproduction of the colours is impressive; Fashion Buyer's eleven year old self would have loved it.
    Kane says: "I decided to launch menswear so I could wear my own designs. My friends were forever asking me to do T-shirts off the back of the womenswear show theme, so my first shot at it was with the monkey tees; they were so popular I decided to keep it going, so each season we sell men's T-shirts alongside the mainline. I find it difficult to find staples I love so I guess I am launching this so that I can have a decent wardrobe! The mood (...) is based on natural star constellations. They are so beautiful I couldn't resist using them."
    The sales contact is sales@christopherkane.co.ukSource URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2010/12/kane-cosmic-menswear.html
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