Cute, Cozy n Comfortable Boots

    I don't remember Chicago EVER being this cold in the last few years that I've been here. The days and nights have been absolutely chilling and all I want to do is just bury myself in layers and layers of cashmere and down. In the spirit of keeping my feet warm and stylish, I went on a search for cute, cozy and comfortable boots (if I'm going to look like a fluffed up ball, I might as well be a cute fluffed up ball).

    The first thing that actually came to mind was UGG! As Uggly as they are, they DO look oh-so-warm and cozy. And some of their other selections this season are really not that bad. I REALLY like these Uptown II boots (left). It doesn't look too much look a tree stump and the lace with the shearling coming out makes it look feminine and cute. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for these this weekend. And these Locarno look positively un-UGG-like, with its simple sleek shape. Well except for the shearling lining, but thats a GOOD thing.

    More classics that you can walk around all winter in. There are these simple brown boots from KORS (left) with the cute buckle (they are definitely growing on me- I WANT it!) and these almost white boots from Adidas(right).

    And just so we can be even more cutesy, there are these adorable pom pom embellished boots from Report (left) and Juicy Couture (right). The wedges also gives you some extra height.

    Even though they are probably not the most comfortable things in the world, I couldn't resist throwing these in because they just look so cute and cozy from Calvin Klein (left) and Steve Madden (right)! And who knows, for some people they may be comfortable!
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