Clara Francis- Long time no see...

    I've been so busy so im sorry I havent blogged in a while, I havent had much inspiration plus the weather and homework amount didn't really help either. I visited the clothes show as I said in my last post and I found quite a few new stores I'd be interested in showing to you as some are quite unknown but they sell gorgeous stuff. Anyway, at the cothes show I spotted the stall "Clara Francis" and they sell the most beautiful jewellery I've EVER seen. It was truly gorgeous. It was made out of tiny glass beads crating butterflies, deer, teacups, hot air balloons on necklaces, rings (my favourite), bracelets and brooches. The jewellery is more on the expensive side but it is handcrafted and unique. Heres a collage of some of her designs.

    Plus check out her website which is interactive and truly magical... she even has a blog which will keep you updated with any news... 

    Clara Francis buisness card :)

    Source URL:
    Visit Icip2idayusof for daily updated images of art collection

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