Paris Fashion Week SS08 Wrapup I

    Paris! Exciting week this is. I know some of you aren't fans of fashion shows (or the posts) but I really do need to blog about the shows to let my brain sort out what trends will be coming up. Besides, sometimes it's nice to just stare at pretty clothes...
    Ah, the show we've all been waiting for. This season is all about the flower prints on Balenciaga's bold silhouette. Truth is, when you first look at them, you're going to think that Ghesquière simply draped old, colourful curtain cloth onto the models to form that Balenciaga silhouette.
    Gosh, everything is so luxurious. Look at the bold prints and colours, and that amazing silk!
    SO pretty. Obviously I have no plans to wear huge shoulder tops/ dresses come spring, and yes, they are not your everyday silhouette, but the more I see this collection the more I love it!
    The show ended with some plainer, but no less structured and brilliant clothes.
    Karl Lagerfeld
    I'm usually so-and-so on Karl Lagerfeld's collections, but I really like this one.
    These clothes are young, edgy with a hint of elegance.
    I love how sweet yet edgy Vlada (left) looks in the black and white outfit. And I really want the white outfit in the middle. I still can't tell if it's a dress or a top plus skirt. The oufit is so simple, yet with subtle details. Notice that there is more than one material used (esp the top part.) These clothes have motivated me to check out Karl's collection next time I'm in a high-end department store.
    This Valentino show made all the headlines because it's the Valentino's final ready-to-wear show.
    The show was filled with his signature elegant dresses.
    Such pretty black and white dresses. Can you imagine, you can buy one of these and still wear them every year onwards and they'll not go out of style.
    In the usual Valentino fashion, the last few dramatic dresses had lot of frills and layers. The next thing everyone would be intersted in is what direction Valentino's sucessor's would take the House to.
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