Fashion accessories you can't live without?

    What are the most important pieces of fashion accessories that you can't live without? Well, the lists can be endless! but what I think the most important pieces are:-

    1. Watches - can be formal or informal, depend on the occasion and functions
    2. Sunglass - for protection of course! and most importantly! fashion as well! :)
    3. Wallets - Well, this is the most important piece, which hold your money and cards, I suppose!
    4. Namecard holder - To some of you, this is one most important piece!! when you meet up with you clients and prospects! and to certain extend, it do represent your status!
    5. Lastly, but not least is your handphone!! Believe it or not! handphone has become the most important piece of accessory to most people...

    So what is your list? Do drop your list here!!Source URL:
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