Paris Fashion Week FW07 Wrapup III

    Instead of looking at the clothes, for a change, I'm only going to look at the accessories. Admittedly, I don't like Vuitton's new collection and I feel so-so for Miu Miu, but the reason for focusing on accessories is that the accessories are the main selling point to me (and most customers) of these two brands anyways.

    Louis Vuitton
    OK, for a brand that's supposed to be major bag sellers, these bags are just terrible. I don't care that the designs are collaborations with artists. The colours and designs are just not what I would expect from a luxurious house. But there's no doubt that come spring, I'll see rich women carrying the new multi-coloured monogram bag on the streets.
    I seriously dislike that PVC, yellow and denim-monogrammed bag on the left. It's tacky even if you plan to carry it just to the beach. As for the purple bag on the right, I still have mixed feelings, (but would definitely not even consider buying.)

    Miu Miu
    Miu Miu is usually a major accessories galore for girls in their 20's. They're girly, cute, sophisticated with a funky edge.
    For SS08, Miu Miu's shoes were all about the ankles -in different forms of ankle straps.
    Even simple pumps had straps around the ankle. Some of the outfits also had this cream-coloured piece of cloth (whatever it's called) around the models' ankles or wrists.
    It's SS08, why were there boots? I don't care they have holes along the calves! You have to be a serious fashionista (or fashion victim) to wear these boots!
    As for bags, I didn't see many of them in the runway photos. The only bags I saw were these clutches. Cute, slightly bohemian and very girly, but I'm not too sure on their practicality.

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