Menergy flames!!

    Well, Metrosexual is soon become history in man fashion world, so what next? Menergy!!I am assume everyone know metrosexual, So what is this menergy? I suppose someone might be new to this term in fashion world? At least for me!

    Last month, The New York Times' Horacio Silva used the term "menergy" to describe the "anti-metrosexual, hyper-masculine" energy that was circulating throughout Milan Fashion Week during the menswear segments.

    It appears that the "menergy" that was flowing through Fashion Week has worked its ay over to Hollywood. George Clooney has ditched his clean shaved face for a scruffier salt-and-pepper whisker look. Even some popular super stars in Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea followed suit.

    So let see how long this trends can last and when the next new trends to be?Source URL:
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