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    Shiny smooth hair. The best accessorie a girl can have. How do we achieve it? Well, we've been told (and I'm sure all of you have too) that hair serum does the trick by adding shine and de-frizzing, to create a shiny sheen of hair. But how many of you have actually achieved the perfectly shiny and smooth hair look simply by applying hair serum to damp hair and letting it air dry? I know I haven't. Hair serum just takes you half way and for the full effect a team of professionals and weeks of intense hair treatment are probably needed. Nevertheless, to make sure that we DO get half way and not have hair that resembles dry hay, a good hair serum is essential. Here are a few that I've tried.
    On recommendation from HG and a friend, I tried the Kerastase Vernis Nutri Sculpt this summer. But while it did deliver shine and made my hair feel soft, it also seem to make my hair feel more heavy. So I'm not a great fan of it now, perhaps I should save it for the winter months when my hair will need maximum protection from the heaters.....Currently I am using the Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum, which I've heard many swear by. It indeed defrizzes and softens.... but I personally don't find it as spectacular as the talk made it sound like. Especially for that price, I'd rather get my old one...
    ....which was the Bain de Terre Recovery Complex, Silky Shine Serum. Similar effect with a marginally lower price tag, I liked this one better because I felt like the texture had more consistency. Once I forgot to shake the Biosilk before I used it and a whole load of liquid came pouring out, catching me completely off guard.

    So here is my tidbit on hair serum, from my very limited experience. What does everyone else use in an attempt to achieve the shiny smooth hair?

    Ps. A neat trick to defrizzing (for me anyway), is to put almost dried hair (+serum) in a bum and just leave it to dry that way. Once released, you'll get a nice wave and minimal poofiness.

    Image Source: Bain de Terre, Kerastase and Biosilk
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